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BAT Actions are manufactured with the idea that “the best is not good enough.” We strive for perfection on every action we manufacture.

We constantly upgrade our tooling and manufacturing techniques to achieve this goal. This contributes to the continuing quality of our products.

Action options

Work on selecting your action starting on the left side of the spread sheed beginning with the model then select from each option moving to the right. On this spread sheet all items in red and blue add to the base price of the action the dollar amount shown in brackets. In the “Body shape” column if you select a blue option then all remaining blue options to the right will apply. There may be some combinations that are listed but may not work, we will let you know when you place your order if there are any conflicts

As you can see from our product list we manufacture actions in a variety of shapes and sizes for most all calibers in existence. If you don’t see what you need, please contact us regarding your requirements and we will see how we can help you.

Also, don’t forget the accessories!


Action Part Material Specifications
Receiver body 17-4 Stainless Steel or 4140 Chromoly Pre-hardened 36 to 38 Rc (Rockwell C Scale) before machining begins.
Bolt body 4140 Chromoly Hardened to 40 to 44 Rc.
Bolt handle 17-4 Stainless Steel The bolt handle is welded on to the bolt body on all but the EX action, on the EX they are screwed in with a thread locking compound.
Screw holes For all actions except the EX: The scope base mounting screw holes are 8-40 in size. Each screw hole set is .860″ center to center with the overall spacing varying for each action length. The action mounting screw holes are 1/4-28 and there are 2 or 3 depending on action length. We use a 10-32 screw on actions with a front trigger guard hole.EX actions have (4) ¼-28 screw holes for the scope rail and (4) 3/8-24 action mounting screw holes in the bottom.
Recoil lugs Our smaller actions have a cut in the bottom of the receiver that when properly bedded acts as a recoil lug, sometimes referred to as an XP cut.
Bolt on Recoil lugs These come standard on the 8.5″, 10″ and 12″ (MB, M, CT, L & EX) actions. We cut a slot in the action and make the lug have a snug fit, with a single 10-32 screw holding it on. The lug will be .500 thick, hang down about .350 and be about one inch wide. Note: width dimension will vary depending on action shape.
Integral Recoil lugs These are standard on our HR, VR and 3LL actions and are an option on many of our other actions. The integral lug is full width of the action, Hangs down about .300 (varies depending on body size) and is about .25 thick.
Triggers All actions come with a removable trigger hanger (Except HR and VR models), this hanger accepts most all aftermarket triggers that are designed for a Remington 700.(Jewell, Timney, Rifle Basix, etc. Note: Bix’N Andy and other brands not listed may require slight modifications to the trigger or hanger to fit properly), all actions with removable trigger hangers will not accept top safety triggers. The HR and VR also accept Remington 700 triggers including those with top safety, on these actions the hanger is machined into the body and is not removable.




BAT Machine Co., Inc. | 11550 N. Bruss Rd. | Rathdrum, ID | 83858 CALL US TODAY: (208) 687-0341